On Your World, It’s All The Media’s Fault

By Brian 

When in doubt, blame the media? Here are three examples from Monday’s Your World with Neil Cavuto, with guest anchor David Asman:

4:13pm: New York Times coverage of Iraq

Quote: Host David Asman: “On a day we set aside to honor and remember our troops, are some media ignoring all their accomplishments?”

Chyron: “Selective reporting?” and “Memorial Day Insult?: Media Ignores Troops’ Accomplishments.”

4:32pm: Gas price coverage

Quote: Guest Dan Gainor: “We haven’t had the apocalypse that the mainstream media has been talking about… and when the prices will go down, they won’t talk about it much.”

Chyron: “Media Gas Hype?”

4:46pm: Celebrities who don’t hate Chavez

Quote: Guest Maria Conchito Alonso: “Being here on Fox News, thank you so much, because the media has also been a little bit quiet on the truth of Venezuela.”

Chyron: “Maria Conchito Alonso reacts to moves by Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez”