On His Private Jet, Donald Trump Swears, Drinks Soda and Scrutinizes Fox News

By Mark Joyella 

Donald Trump is flying high in the polls–and aboard his private Boeing 757, emblazoned with the Trump name. The Washington Post flew with Trump Saturday night as he flew from Phoenix, where he’d had a campaign rally.

Once onboard his jet, Trump relaxed and started watching cable news coverage to see how his speech was covered. “The billionaire real-estate mogul took off his jacket, clicked the oversized satellite television in his plush, cream-colored cabin over to Fox News and closely watched the channel’s coverage.”

He liked what he saw. “Look at that crowd, fantastic,” Trump said. Later, he stopped in the middle of answering a reporter’s question to jump back to Fox News. “Jeanine Pirro, let’s see what she has to say about me,” he said.

It turns out relaxing at 30,000 feet, Trump prefers to drink Coca-Cola, swear a lot, and talk much more about media than politics:

Trump was most animated when analyzing the way the news media covered him and dishing with aides about the articles they had printed out. He was less excited discussing the process of presidential politics. When asked about the coming debate, set for Aug. 6 in Cleveland, he shrugged and said, “Whatever.” When asked about calls for him to tone down his fiery pitch, he shrugged again.