On Gretchen Carlson’s Former Shows, No Talk of Lawsuit

By Mark Joyella Comment

A search for “Gretchen Carlson” on the Fox News website will still return a long list of stories and videos–including a story entitled “Ailes denies allegations in Gretchen Carlson harassment suit as Fox News launches investigation.”

That story (trending on the FoxNews.com site) is about all you’ll find on Fox News–online or on air–about the suit that accuses the network’s longtime chief executive, Roger Ailes, of sexual harassment.

On Carlson’s former daytime show, The Real Story, no mention was made of that story. And on Fox & Friends, where Carlson was a co-host–and where she claims she was subjected to harassment by co-host Steve Doocy–the show similarly ignored the story.

The group Media Matters listed the stories Fox & Friends did find time to cover Thursday morning, including Taylor Swift, a hero dog, and the physiology of body temperature. (Not that those stories would be surprising on most network and cable morning shows)

The Rupert Murdoch-owned New York Post, which rarely misses sensational stories about television news talent and executives, gave the Carlson lawsuit a pass:

Carlson is getting support from some former Fox News colleagues. Maureen Walsh, who was a makeup artist at FNC for 12 years, until Oct. 2014, posted this image to social media: