On Fox News, Anthony Scaramucci Talks About Retracted CNN Story

By Chris Ariens 

Former FBN host Anthony Scaramucci, who is now working as strategy officer for the Export-Import Bank, is detailing his side of the story of the now-retracted CNN report that tied him to a Russian investor.

On Fox & Friends this morning, Scaramucci said that before the inauguration he had an interaction with someone from the Russian Sovereign Wealth Fund. “I was in a restaurant. The person came over and shook my hand. I think a reporter snapped a picture. That was not a ‘quote, unquote meeting,’ planned meeting. It was really an interaction with him in a restaurant.”

After CNN published its story last week, Scaramucci said he “had a couple conversations with senior staff at CNN. I made it very clear to them the story was not accurate and it was defamatory story.”


“I am not a journalist. But I did play one on television on your sister network,” said Scaramucci, who hosted the iconic Wall Street Week for much of last year after it moved to FBN. “I have some empathy for journalism in terms of the race to get the news out and beat the competition. But what I do think they have to do now is have more checks and balances in the system.”