Olbermann Re-Ups With MSNBC: Notes & Quotes From The Conference Call

By Brian 

12:24pm: Is Capus concerned about linking Olbermann to NBC at a time when commentators like Bill O’Reilly frequently accuse the net of a liberal bias? He says: “I believe that the viewers are sophisticated enough to know what messages are being offered to them, and the viewers have spoken on this by the ratings performance on MSNBC. I think Keith has done a fantastic job of wearing different hats when he’s been asked to do different roles…”

12:22pm: Olbermann says everyone, “right up to Jeff Zucker,” presented “everything that I could ask for in terms of opportunities.”

12:21pm: Did he ever consider leaving? “I suppose that at some moments I thought it was possible that it might not continue. But honestly I never had that sense that I was going anywhere else.”

12:19pm: Capus says Olbermann’s Nightly News essays will be “produced stories that would fit in naturally with Nightly News.” He cited Olbermann’s work in the wake of the Pope’s death as an example.

12:18pm: KO: “Four years ago last week I went back to Secaucus to do three fill-in shows… Next thing I know, I’m in here for eight years.”

12:17pm: “This is a good day for MSNBC and a good day for NBC News,” Steve concluded. Then Keith added: “And a good day for Keith Olbermann. Thank you Steve.”

12:17pm: Capus: “When you look at what the program Countdown has done at MSNBC, it has really been the centerpiece for the resurgence and the real growth at MSNBC, this makes all the sense in the world.”

12:16pm: Steve Capus: “We’re thrilled to announce that Keith has decided to stay with us.”