Olbermann Mentions Rush Limbaugh’s Name, Over and Over Again

By Chris Ariens 

So, Rush Limbaugh did not get his wish.

MSNBC mentioned his name more than a few times during the day. But the Rush rush really began in earnest with the political shows – first Hardball, then the Ed Show, and culminating with tonight’s WTF segment on Countdown. But Keith Olbermann didn’t just go after the king of talk radio, he went after the crown prince too (sorry Sean).

Glenn Beck’s sad end. Pecked to death, carcass consumed, nothing left but the veneers from his teeth, in only six minutes, by the hosts of “The View.”


But even more titanic than this: Rush Limbaugh’s startling admission that he cannot take it any more, that this network’s coverage of him has not only gotten to him, but gotten to him to a point perhaps never reached before by any other megalomaniac. He has suddenly gone all Greta Garbo on us.

Olbermann went on to excoriate Limbaugh, calling him “a human Federal Disaster Area” and concluding that his “fixation” with the Clinton/Lewinsky affair somehow delayed “a serious discussion of terrorism before terrorism hit.”


Olbermann concluded with his own promise: “I will go 30 days on this program without referencing what has been done, or said, or boasted about, by Rush Limbaugh. Provided you go 30 days on your program without mentioning what has been done, or said, or boasted about by… Rush Limbaugh. Hannity would last longer on the waterboard.”

Let the name calling – or not name calling – continue.

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