OJ Arrested: The

By Chris Ariens 

I have not seen any of the cable news coverage of the arrest of OJ Simpson, but have been getting a lot of emails about it.

• “Astonishing that MSNBC went back to their MSNBC Investigates at 3PM Eastern, while CNN and Fox stayed with the story.”

•3:07pmET: “The anchor and legal analyst on CNN at the moment are prejudicing any potential juror in the Simpson case. The anchor has made repeated mention of Simpson’s claim that no guns were found and yet the police have recovered guns. She keeps suggesting that this is horrible news for Simpson. However, what she neglects to mention is that there is NO PROOF OR EVIDENCE yet that these guns have ANYTHING to do with the Simpson robbery.”

•3:29pmET: “Fox News just flashed the following graphic: ‘OJ is considered a flight risk’ By whom? Fox News? Their legal analyst, Bob Massi? No judge has ruled Simpson a flight risk.”