Oh No, OJ: Did He Do It?

By Chris Ariens 

Well it’s not exactly Watergate, but what did OJ Simpson know about the break-in at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas last night? Simpson has told the AP that he took memorabilia that belonged to him as part of his own “sting operation.” (So he’s looking for the real thieves?) The cable nets are waiting patiently to find out more. There is a police news conference scheduled for this afternoon.

Meanwhile, the controversial book about the murders of Simpson’s wife, Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, If I Did It, was released yesterday. As of this writing it is #2 on amazon.com’s most popular list (beat out by Laura Ingraham‘s new tome Power to the People).

Fred and Kim Goldman, the father and sister of Ron Goldman as well as Nicole Brown’s sister Denise are making the rounds (Oprah, Today, GMA, FNC) promoting (or in Denise’s case, castigating) the book.

And in the words of FNC’s Shepard Smith: “Thank you OJ, you’ve made our day.”