Obama/FNS: A Positive Post-Mortem

By SteveK 

Sen. Barack Obama appeared with Chris Wallace yesterday on Fox News Sunday, in an interview which stopped the long running Obama Watch clock at 772 days. Reactions across the web were largely positive:

• The Los Angeles Times’ Don Frederick described the, “generally easygoing conversation,” between the duo. “All in all, a mistake-free performance by a candidate who appeared better rested — and in a better mood — than he often has in recent weeks,” Frederick wrote.

Ryan Grim of Politico writes that, “believe it or not, it was a friendly exchange, touching on familiar themes.” Grim mentioned the questions by Wallace relating to Rev. Jeremiah Wright and William Ayers, but also about how Obama will, “put into practice the bipartisanship that he preaches.”

• The Chicago Tribune’s Christi Parsons writes Obama “may have been annoyed,” to rehash the “hot-button questions,” but he was surely expecting them. “Wallace’s show goes straight into the living rooms of many of the voters Obama will have to win over if he wants to win in Indiana, and Wallace didn’t ask about anything they’re not thinking about,” Parsons writes.

Related: Wallace is profiled today in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “I can’t imagine being in a happier situation. The reality is, I love Fox News Channel,” he says.