Obama to Heckler: ‘I’ve Been Respectful to You. I Want You to be Respectful to Me’

By Chris Ariens 

ObamaHecklerImmigrationDuring his remarks in Las Vegas this afternoon explaining his immigration executive action, President Obama was heckled by a student who says the plan doesn’t go far enough.

“Not everybody will qualify under this provision,” Obama said directly to the student. “That’s the truth. That’s why we’re still going to have to pass a bill. So listen…” Obama said, as the crowd’s cheers drowned out the insistent heckler. “I heard you you and what I’m saying is we’re still going to have to pass a bill. This is the first step. It’s not the only step. We’re still going to have to do more work.

So, I’ve heard you. I’ve heard you young man. I’ve heard you. And I understand. I’ve heard you. But what I’m saying is this is just a first step. So young man, I’m talking to a lot of people here. I’ve been respectful to you. I want you to be respectful to me.”