Obama, Merkel Address Media in Joint Presser

By Brian Flood 

Members of the media gathered at East Room of the White House for German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Pres. Barack Obama‘s joint news conference this afternoon to discuss the crisis in Ukraine. Merkel and Obama took the standard four questions: two from American media and two from the German press.

Steve Mufson of The Washington Post kicked thing off, asking if different views on the Ukraine is simply a “good cop, bad cop act.” Up next, a member of the DPA, or German Press Agency, asked about Russian President Vladimir Putin. Christi Parsons of the Los Angeles Times got the third question, asking about the upcoming U.S. visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The final question went to a German reporter who asked about the economic situation Greece as well as whether Pres. Obama was concerned that weapons provided by the U.S could wind up in the wrong hands.

Pres Obama welcomes “my close friend and partner” Chancellor Merkel in East Room for joint news conference. pic.twitter.com/rhun2C0qjM