Obama Learns About Goldman Charges Watching CNBC

By Chris Ariens 

CNBC’s John Harwood sat down with Pres. Obama this afternoon. The first question was about last Friday’s SEC charges against Goldman Sachs. Harwood asked the president if there was “something fishy and political” about the timing of the suit considering the Senate is beginning debate on a financial regulation bill:

JOHN HARWOOD: So, you say categorically no winks, no heads up in advance —

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Categorically.


HARWOOD: — no signal from anyone —

PRES. OBAMA: Categorically. We– we– we found out about it on — CNBC.


Meanwhile, while that was going on at the White House, on CNBC-TV, Virgin CEO Richard Branson was swearing up a storm with Maria Bartiromo.

During a discussion about the impact of the Iceland volcano on the environment and the airline industry, Branson said, “As my chief executive said, ‘shit happens.'” Bartiromo responded with, “We love talking with you Richard, because you just say it the way it is.”