NYT’s Stelter Talks Beck on the Menu

By SteveK 

Today on the mediabistro.com Morning Media Menu we’re joined by the New York Times’ Brian Stelter.

We overcome some early technical difficulties to talk about Stelter’s front page story today on the ratings phenomenon, Glenn Beck of Fox News.

“Up until a few months ago CNN and MSNBC were kind of breathing down Fox’s neck at 5pm. Now there isn’t even a competition,” says Stelter. “Beck is so far ahead, he’s now the 3rd most popular host on all of cable news behind Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity. It’s that mix of anger, it’s that mix of outrage, moral lessons, maybe the occasional emotional outburst that seems to be resonating with people.”

We get really technical with the ratings as well — HUT levels anyone? Also discussed: paying for TV shows online and HuffPost’s new investigative unit.

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