NYT/Geraldo: The “Egregious Gaffe”

By Brian 

I hope this is the last post related to Geraldo Rivera and Alessandra Stanley:

> Phil Rosenthal’s story has a comment from the network: FNC “was glad to see “the ‘paper of record’ finally recognized its mistake, albeit three weeks after the fact.” The network said it was “unfortunate that it took an outcry from the nation’s top journalists, not to mention a reprimand from its public editor, for them to admit Alessandra’s egregious gaffe.”

> “It’s enough in the sense that they finally acknowledge that they had made an actual error,” Geraldo tells the New York Post. “But the way they did it — the grudging, rude and disrespectful way they did it — still irks me. But it’s enough that I’m not going to sue them.”