NV Dems v. Fox: “The Non-Conservative Audience For Fox Tops CNN’s Total Viewership”

By Brian 

“Fox provides a powerful platform to influence the views of hundreds of thousands of valuable voters. It just seems self-defeating to pass up an opportunity to reach those viewers, just because the network features some inflammatory talk show hosts who say things of which I don’t approve,” Dan Gerstein writes on Politico.com.

This is the most interesting graf: “It is well understood that Fox’s normal viewers are not typical Democratic voters. But contrary to the caricature drawn by the Netroots, nor are they typically raving right-wingers. In fact, according to a study by Mediamark Research, only 38 percent of Fox News viewers self-identified as conservative. In terms of sheer numbers, that means the non-conservative audience for Fox tops CNN’s total viewership.”

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