NV Dems v. Fox: Edwards Can Attack Fox, But Fox Can’t Attack Him –Hume

By Brian 

NewsBusters notes Brit Hume‘s comments on Fox News Sunday about the John Edwards vs. Fox drama:

  “When you think about it for a minute, in the short term this is probably a shrewd political move by him on a couple counts. One is that it separates him from the other candidates on this, at least briefly, it pleases the wing of the party that is active and important in the nominating process, and what Edwards knows is that while he may be at war against Fox News, Fox News is not and cannot be at war with him.

He knows, and his people know, that Carl Cameron and Jim Angle and Major Garrett and you Chris in interviews and I as a news anchor on a nightly program are going to continue to treat him in the same fair way that we’ve always treated him, and we must do that. Now, he might get roughed up by some conservative commentators on Fox, but he’ll be defended by liberal commentators on Fox as well. So in the short term, this is probably good politics. In the long term, I have my doubts but that remains to be seen.”