Now Leading GOP Polls, Expect to See More of Herman Cain

By Chris Ariens 

Now that Herman Cain has shot to the top of the latest polling…

  • NBC News/WSJ:
    Cain – 27%
    Romney – 23%
    Perry – 16%
  • Rasmussen Reports:
    Cain – 29%
    Romney – 29%
    Gingrich – 10%

    …expect to see the Godfather of Pizza on TV more in the coming days.

Cain was on “Good Morning America” yesterday following Tuesday’s debate in New Hampshire. That was followed by interviews with Chuck Todd on MSNBC and on Fox News with Martha MacCallum. And that was all before the NBC News/WSJ polling came out. Tonight he’s on “Erin Burnett: OutFront.”


The pollsters for NBC News and The Wall Street Journal asked respondents why they feel a certain about a candidate. “Cain gives direct answers. He is succinct. He isn’t a politician,” said a male respondent from Washington. “He is plain-spoken and down to Earth,” said a woman from Texas. “I have to be personally honest: I rely a lot on talk-show hosts, people I listen to and respect — and they respect him. Rush Limbaugh, I listen an hour a day,” said a female from Washington.

How popular is Cain right now? At the moment on Google Trends, he’s the 8th most popular search term in the U.S. In rarefied air with David Ortiz, NLCS and the Cardinals.