Novak: Promotes Video Of The Bullshit, Then Hides It

By Brian 

Half an hour after Novak stormed off the set, the video was on the home page of (They bleeped the bullshit.)

“I’m impressed CNN posted it,” Lost Remote’s Steve Safran says. “You’ll remember all the video hits the John Stewart “Stop Hurting America” clip got all over the web — something like a million or more — and CNN didn’t post it. Lesson learned: if someone’s going to sell commercials before your content, it might as well be you.”

“They say it was inexcusable and unacceptable — but then they post it on the Web site!,” a shocked former CNNer said last night. Strangely enough, the video is now hidden on It doesn’t show up in the list of all video, or under the “Best of TV” section — the only way to find it is to search for “Novak” in the video window…