CNBC Washington Correspondent Ylan Mui Contracted and Survived the Coronavirus

By A.J. Katz 

Today on Closing Bell, CNBC Washington, D.C., correspondent Ylan Mui addressed her personal experience testing positive for, and recovering from, COVID-19.

But Mui’s experience is unique from what other TV newsers have been experiencing or experienced. Not only has she tested positive for the virus, but her husband and their three children experienced COVID-19-like symptoms (her husband and children were not given tests after Mui tested positive).

She notes in a piece, “My symptoms started about a month ago: achiness and exhaustion so severe that I could barely get out of bed. A dry, hacking cough that made my chest sore. And a stubborn fever that reared its head every night for two weeks.”


She was finally able to get tested after a six-day waiting period, and a week later her results came back positive.

“By that time, my husband had fallen ill, and the kids all complained of similar symptoms. Our doctors told us to just assume that everyone had it and stay at home until we all felt better,” she said.

Mui added that it was the sickest she has ever been as an adult: “That’s saying a lot. As a mom to three young children, I have battled some pretty nasty bugs.”

She added: “I consider us fortunate: None of us had to be hospitalized. I still have a mild cough but mostly feel like myself. My husband can exercise again. The kids throw the Frisbee in the yard nearly every afternoon. My family recovered.”

Mui is now back at work (remotely of course), and she told Sara Eisen and Wilfred Frost there’s no real road map for recovery.

“How soon we can get back to normal depends on what all of us do, and how quickly we feel confident in my own health, in the health of my family and the ability that I have to go out and not infect other people,” she said.