(Not) Getting The Last Word With O’Reilly

By Brian 

The October issue of GQ features an “oral history” of The O’Reilly Factor from some of the show’s most memorable guests in its October issue.

Janeane Garofalo shares this recollection: “Literally one moment before you go on, he comes and says hello, and it’s like ‘Oh, my God,’ because he’s six feet five, and I find that to be a turn-on — my boyfriend at the time was six four. So unfortunately, the first time I met Bill O’Reilly, it was an attractive thing. I guess I assumed he was a short guy, because he’s so pugnacious. He still has the Napoleon complex while being six five — that’s what kind of an asshole he is.”

And Jacob Sullum of Reason magazine adds this: “I forget which interview… he said, ‘I’ll give you the last word,’ but then he didn’t. We got off-camera, and I said, ‘What happened to the last word?’ and he said, ‘I have to stop saying that.'”

Check out GQ for the rest of the memories…