Norah O’Donnell Gets First U.S. TV Interview With a Saudi Leader in 13 Years

By Chris Ariens 

On this International Women’s Day, some news from CBS’s Norah O’Donnell who caught up with several women, internationally, last week.

O’Donnell traveled to Saudia Arabia for a 60 Minutes report that will air Sunday, March 18, with previews beginning to air next Wednesday on CBS This Morning.

O’Donnell spoke with students at Princess Nora University, the largest all-female university in the world. “They want the right to drive but they also want more opportunity in the workforce,” O’Donnell said.


The key interview of the trip was O’Donnell’s 90-minute sit-down with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman whose reforms include enhancing women’s rights in the kingdom. O’Donnell’s interview is the first U.S. TV interview with a Saudi leader since ABC’s Barbara Walters spoke with King Abdullah in 2005.

O’Donnell says she’s been working on getting the interview for 2 years. “Persistence pays off and relationships built on trust pay off,” she said. Crown Prince Mohammed visits the U.S. March 19.