No Talks Between Keith Olbermann, MLB Network

By Brian Flood 

Adweek reports MLB Advanced Media is taking over all of the National Hockey League’s media content. That includes moving the NHL Network in with the MLB Network in the former MSNBC studios in Secaucus, N.J., which also happen to be the former home of current broadcasting free agent Keith Olbermann.

At today’s news conference announcing the deal, I asked MLB commissioner Rob Manfred and NHL commissioner Gary Bettman whether they have discussed bringing Olbermann on board. (It’s well known that baseball and hockey are Olbermann’s preferred sports.)

“Not that I’m aware of,” Manfred said before Bettman interrupted with “but he’s a Cornell graduate as well.”


“There have been no talks. None,” added Manfred. The entire news conference ended with Bettman asking me, “are you his agent?” Sadly, I’m not.

Check out the MLB Network studios, where Olbermann used to work in our “Cubes.”

Check out Olbermann’s “My First Big Break” below: