No Love Lost Between Nancy & Paula

By Brian 

CNN’s Jim Walton says the network “does not now and never has had plans” to put Nancy Grace in a CNN/U.S. time slot. Rebecca Dana reports: “Describing Ms. Grace as ‘lightning in a bottle,’ he said it was in the company’s strategic best interest for her to keep drawing viewers to the Headline News channel.” In a statement issued through a publicist, Grace said HLN is a “perfect fit.”

That’s the official line. Now here’s the good stuff, per the Observer:

“But at least at one time, if not still, Ms. Grace had her eyes on CNN, according to multiple sources close to the anchor.

‘I know she was initially comparing her numbers to Larry’s ratings,’ said one CNN producer. ‘She’s clearly a very ambitious person who didn’t get to where she was by sitting by idly.'”

When her show first launched, a source says she closely compared her ratings to Paula Zahn‘s.

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