‘Nightly News’ Re-air Viewership Won’t Count Toward Average

By Chris Ariens 

The WSJ reports NBC’s overnight re-airs of “Nightly News” will no longer count toward the weekly Nielsen average.

Since early February, “Nightly News” has been re-broadcast between the hours of 2am-4am in 10 markets across the country. Insiders told TVNewser those weekly re-airs can add tens of thousands of viewers to the weekly average. That was enough to keep “Nightly” in first place during one recent week. The WSJ reports:

NBC didn’t clear its plan to re-broadcast “Nightly News” with advertisers, and some marketers were upset that their spots were airing in an hour usually reserved for tacky infomercials. Starting Monday, the re-broadcasts will run without any national advertising in them. Instead, the broadcasts will have local ads and promotional spots. Without national advertising, NBC cannot factor those ratings in with the evening ratings.