Nightline Pilot: “ABC Times Square?”

By Brian 

  · Update: 3:30pm: A senior ABC staffer says today’s L.A. Times story “appears to be quite over-written.” Inside ABC News, the ultimate goal is to expand Nightline to an hour. “What is being described as a pilot is nothing of the kind,” the staffer said.

Following up on the LA Times’ report about a possible Nightline replacement: Was last week’s pilot called “ABC Times Square?” Was that just the working title? Did it feature a story on a State of the Union drinking game? Is it accurate to call it a blend of World News Tonight and Entertainment Tonight? Were there a lot of live reads by the two hosts? (Was this anonymous tipster really in the studio?) Just asking…

  · Try Googling “Jon Stewart” and “Bill Weir.” But then again, how much does the Weir/Tapper rumor really matter?