Nicole Petallides on Biz News: “It’s Smart But Glamorous”

By Chris Ariens 

FishbowlNY‘s Neal Ungerleider caught up with native New Yorker and now Fox Business Network anchor Nicole Petallides. When asked what it’s like to work the early morning hours, Petallides says:

“Brutal! It’s nice to do the morning shift because you get a jump on the day and there’s no wait — you’re the first team to get the news out. I have my routine, from eating my chocolates to having a Diet Coke to try to wake up quickly because I get up at 2 AM. I’m a morning person, not a late-night person (I’m the person who goes water-skiing at 5:00 AM).

Water-skiing…at 5am? I’m thinking Nicole is a few winks shy of 40.