NewsNation’s Markie Martin Reveals She Is Pregnant With First Child

By A.J. Katz 

NewsNation anchor Markie Martin shared the news that she is having a baby girl, due in May, on Tuesday’s 8 a.m. hour of her program Morning in America.

Martin surprised her colleagues with the news during this morning’s Ask the Doctors segment.

“This is the worst kept secret of all time….I feel like this has been the hardest worst kept secret, but I am so excited to finally share because I’ve been standing up straight and sucking in for 18 weeks now, I tried!,” Martin said. ““I’m feeling good. I’ve never been more hungry or tired in my life, but thankfully not a lot of nausea. Like almost zero.


I have skin problems I’ve never had before. There are some things going on, doctors.”

This will be Martin’s first child.