NewsNation to Host Live Presidential Town Hall With Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

By A.J. Katz 

NewsNation is set to present its first live town hall of the 2024 presidential campaign, and it features Democratic party candidate and anti-vaccine activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Moderated by NewsNation anchor Elizabeth Vargas, the 90-minute live event will take place on Wednesday, June 28 in front of voters at NewsNation headquarters in Chicago.

Additionally, voters in the early party primary states of South Carolina and New Hampshire will have the opportunity to question the candidate.


The event, which begins at 9 p.m. ET, will be followed by a special edition of Cuomo, anchored by Chris Cuomo. Additionally, an encore presentation of the town hall will be available later that night at 11 p.m. ET. The event will also be simulcast on

NewsNation is working in partnership with the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College for this event.

Kennedy Jr.’s entrance in the race as a Democratic party candidate is a bit surprising. His stance on vaccine use is at odds with that of the modern Democratic party. He has claimed that there are links between vaccines and autism, something that nearly all medical and scientific experts have discredited.

During a lengthy appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast this past Thursday, Kennedy Jr. reiterated a number of his polarizing claims about Covid-19 and vaccines. “Everybody will say, ‘There’s just no study that shows autism and vaccines are connected.’ That’s just crazy. That’s people who are not looking at science.” He also compared the early Covid-19 lockdown to “Nazi Germany.”

Kennedy Jr. was previously banned from Instagram for spreading his vaccine claims. However, parent company Meta reinstated his account after Kennedy Jr. announced his bid for the presidency.

During his Rogan podcast appearance, the candidate also bizarrely claimed that WiFi causes cancer.

“WiFi radiation is — does all kinds of bad things, including causing cancer,” Kennedy claimed.

“WiFi radiation causes cancer?” asked Rogan.

“Yeah, from your cell phone. I mean, there’s cell phone tumors, you know that, I mean, I’m representing hundreds of people who have cell phone tumors behind the ear. It’s always on the ear that you favor with your cell phone,” claimed Kennedy Jr. “We have the science, so if anybody let us in front of a jury it will be over.”

When Rogan asked the specific number of people suffering from cell phone cancer, Kennedy was unable to provide one.

Vargas, an experienced journalist, will undoubtedly push Kennedy Jr. on controversial stances like these during the live event.