News Outlets Shift Resources to California for Coverage of the Horrific Wildfires

By A.J. Katz 

The state of California has never seen wildfires like these. And this is a state that has been experiencing a lot of them lately.

News outlets are increasingly shifting resources towards covering the horrific California wildfires as they continue to wreck havoc on the Golden State, from the Bay to L.A., reportedly killing 31 Californians and displacing hundreds of thousands of people.

David Muir is anchoring ABC World News Tonight from southern California this evening, with meteorologist Rob Marciano and correspondents Gio Benitez, Clayton Sandell and Will Carr, Matt Gutman reporting across the state.

Marciano was reported from Malibu over the weekend:

CBS Evening News anchor Jeff Glor is also in California, and reported from the ground this morning for CBS This Morning:


CNN’s Nick Valencia – a native Angelino – is in Paradise, Calif. reporting on the devastation. The scene he documented on Friday looks like something out of Mad Max.

Kaylee Hartung, Scott McLean, Dan Simon, Paul Vercammen are also on the ground reporting for CNN.

Over at NBC News, Lester Holt reported on the fires from L.A. on Friday, but is now back in New York.

Miguel Almaguer reported from the San Fernando Valley community of Westlake Village this morning for Today:


Other NBC Newsers reporting on the fires include Steve Patterson is in Paradise, Calif., where he has been since yesterday. He also reported from Southern California over the weekend. Kathy Park reported from Chico, on Thursday, from West Hills, over the weekend and is in Westlake Village, today. Gadi Schwartz reported from the ground in the LA area on Friday and reported on the fires on Thursday.


Fox News has also been providing extensive live coverage of the wildfires with correspondent Claudia Cowan reporting live from Paradise, Calif., and correspondent Jeff Paul from Malibu.

More to come…