New York Jets Kicker Not Really Sure of Rules

By Noah Davis 

Remember that media blitz awhile back concerning the NFL overtime rule changes? Well, Nick Folk certainly does.

The New York Jets kicker, who booted a 30-yard field goal to win his team’s game against the Detroit Lions, thought the opponents would get the ball back for one overtime possession. He’s a little ahead of himself; that rule change will be implemented in the playoffs.

“That is why that might have been the worst game-winning celebration ever,” he told the New York Post. “When I made it, I turned to go get ready to kick off. Then I saw everyone running onto the field and was like, ‘OK, we won. Woo hoo.”

The Jets-Lions tilt was a strange one for placekickers in general. After the Lions Jason Hanson got hurt midway through the game, his team turned to 307-pound Ndamukong Suh to attempt an extra point. The defensive tackle did well to get the ball in the air, but it smashed off the right upright, setting the stage for Folk’s heroics. Video of Suh’s attempt after the jump.