New York Jets Hire Sal Alosi's Replacement

By Noah Davis 

Bill Hughan is the new strength and conditioning coach of the New York Jets, a factoid that’s really only relevant because of his predecessor. That would be Sal Alosi, the man resigned from his post on January 31, six weeks after tripping a Miami Dolphins player. The Jets suspended Alosi indefinitely for his sins.

Hughan has the proper credentials – he spent the past three seasons as the assistant strength and conditioning coach for the Atlanta Falcons – but not nearly the Google Trends juice. That’s probably a good thing for a man in a position should remain hidden in the shadows.

Strength and conditioning coaches are getting hired left and right around the NFL – as are others into positions of similar low visibility – and yet Hughan is the only one getting more than a passing mention in the press. Amazing what a little trip can do, huh?