New Nightline: “Our First Night Without Ted’s Guidance & Leadership” — But At Least His Headshot Is Still With Us

By Brian 

Today’s “Nightline Daily E-Mail” includes a surprising headshot at the top:

Ooops. Here’s James Goldston‘s message to readers:

  “In 1980, Ted Koppel told his viewers that ‘this is a new broadcast in the sense that it will be permanent. Twenty-six years later, Nightline is again a new broadcast in the sense that it is our first night without Ted’s guidance and leadership.

But tonight we offer you a pledge and a commitment to honor and build on the extraordinary journalistic legacy Ted leaves us.

Some things will change. We have a new look — new studios in New York’s Times Square and Washington, D.C. And we have a new slogan: “Nightline: Nowhere Else.” That slogan points to one of the things that won’t change. Namely, our mission to offer you news and information in the way that only Nightline can, with context, intelligence and flair.

The rest of the e-mail is after the jump…

(Continued from above)

  We’re also pleased to be joined by three new anchors who begin their duties tonight: Terry Moran, Cynthia McFadden and Martin Bashir. All three journalists will be familiar to ABC News viewers. You’ll recognize Terry from his work as ABC’s senior White House correspondent. Cynthia was ABC’s chief legal correspondent and is also an anchor of “Primetime Thursday.” Martin has spent years conducting groundbreaking investigative reporting both for ABC News and British television.

So let’s take a look at what this team will be bringing you tonight:

It’s going to be a big week on Iraq policy. On Wednesday, President Bush will give a major speech outlining progress in the war. Terry Moran will be live from Baghdad tonight, beginning a week of reporting on whether the United States should stay in Iraq, or if it’s time to go. Tonight, he’ll bring us his exclusive interview with U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Zalmay Khalilzad. The ambassador has some new things to say, especially on the topic of U.S. negotiations with some of the insurgents.

Tomorrow the Vatican will formally unveil its new effort to prevent gay men from joining the priesthood. It’s causing quite a stir, and we’ll have the debate live in our studio.

And Martin Bashir will bring us the remarkable story of a high school football team that’s winning game after game. But not a single player can hear the referee’s whistle or the cheering crowd. So what makes them so successful?

We’re excited about the new “Nightline” and hope you’ll join us — following Monday Night Football.

James Goldston and the “Nightline” Staff
Executive Producer
ABC News New York