New Nightline: Don’t Prejudge The Program, Goldston Says

By Brian 

Some other notes and quotes from the teleconference with Nightline EP James Goldston:

> Goldston warned against prejudging the show. “I’d like the show to be judged on what we do, rather than a kind of theoretical version of what we might do,” he said.

> “My hope and expectation is that we can make the show vibrant again.”

> “I think the content, in the end, will be much more important than any changes I’m making to the graphics or the set or the music or any of those things.”

> “My clearly stated goal is to grow the audience. That’s my number one priority.”

> Nightline will continue to host town hall meetings. “We have plans for two in the works,” Goldston said.

> With Terry Moran in Baghdad, expect one segment of Nightline to be devoted to the war in Iraq every night next week. The “war at home” will be covered every night the second week…