New Nightline: A Few More Details

By Brian 

As Nov. 28 nears, we’re getting a better sense of what the new Nightline will look like.

In an interview with USA Today, new EP James Goldston “said that [Martin] Bashir will work on newsmaker interviews and investigative reports; [Terry] Moran, until recently ABC’s White House correspondent, will continue to be based in Washington, and often will report on politics; and [Cynthia] McFadden will provide ‘a real human touch and real eye for storytelling’ to the revamped program.”

“The presentation is changing significantly, but there is a recognizable core set of values that Nightline has in terms of the way it does stories, the types of stories and its willingness to do stories that others aren’t doing,” he said. “There’s an awful lot of heat out there every day and every night, but there’s often very little light shown on any of it.”

“The new program will have four segments — sometimes related, other times not — ending with a segment called ‘Sign of the Times,’ which he says will be ‘a wry, sideways look at the world.'”