New “Not Impressed”

By Brian 

Most of the comments I’ve received about the redesign have been negative. Here’s a sample:

> “ looks like a stone cold rip-off of…”

> “Happy 1998, FNC! The site is ugly as sin, scrolls longer than a roll of Charmin and has the AP headlines buried at the bottom. Add in Geraldo with his own fixture banner and poorly produced “lifestyle videos” getting frontpage play – and somebody there WILL lose their job over this. Guaranteed…”

> “The new Fox News site is uneasy to navigate/look at. I’m glad they’re trying to freshen up the look, but was this the best way to do it?…”

> “I am not very impressed by the new — especially noting how sleek and sexy is…”

> “The FNC redesign is a long time coming and it looks great…”

> “I normally don’t like white backgrounds because they are harsh on the eyes, but I actually like it much better than the red on The site overall looks too much like now though, and the new format will take some getting used to…”

> “The new is still too cluttered with ads. I count four without scrolling, compared with one on…”

> “I like the softer colors. It’s more inviting…”

> “I understand that they want to upgrade the technology and offering to users, but why change from their branded black and red color scheme? People instantly recognize it. I think this new look is ugly and looks too much like the other guys…”

> “The site looks very amateurish compared to their competitors’ sites…”