New Connects TV & Web

By Brian 

The new includes several links to the television network. “CNBC on-air personalities and correspondents will be asked to write stories and file blog dispatches in addition to their video reports,” Variety notes.

The featured blogs include “Behind the Wheel” with Phil Lebeau, “Media Money” with Julia Boorstin, “Pharma’s Market” with Mike Huckman, “Realty Check” with Diana Olick, “Sports Biz” with Darren Rovell, and “Tech Check” with Jim Goldman.

In addition, the “CNBC TV Play-By-Play” blog is designed to keep Web surfers “current with what’s happening on CNBC TV.” And in a change from the previous site, every TV show has a dedicated page. CNBC Europe, CNBC Asia Pacific, and CNBC World also have their own sites.

> Also: The new home page features a detailed guest list for the cable channel.