New CBS News Prez: Newsroom Breathes Sigh Of Relief; It Could Have Been An Entertainment Executive!

By Brian 

“The announcement that Moonves had selected McManus as the next news president was met with substantial relief and optimism in the newsroom, especially because many had speculated that the CBS chairman was going to tap an entertainment leader to take over the division,” the Los Angeles Times’ Matea Gold says.

She quotes Bob Schieffer: “When I think about some of the things that could have happened here, I think this is an excellent choice. I consider people in sports journalists. He is from CBS and he has respect for CBS News, and I think that is very, very important.”

> Also: Schieffer tells the AP: “He’s innovative. He’s a guy with ideas. He’s made CBS Sports something we can all be proud of and he sets very high standards. I think all of that will translate very well.”