New CBS News Prez: Heyward Says Bye

By Brian 

In today’s press release: Andrew Heyward “has held the post of President of CBS News for almost 10 years.”

NOT in today’s press release: That tenure “is the second-longest of any president in the 47-year history of CBS News.”

He’ll never be #1, though. Heyward will serve as an “advisor” to CBS News until his contract expires at the end of this year. It “won’t be renewed at year’s end,” says.

His goodbye quote is bittersweet:

“I’ve worked at CBS News for more than 24 years, as a field producer, broadcast producer, executive producer and president,” Heyward said. “The last quarter-century has been a time of seismic change in the broadcast-journalism landscape, and it’s been my privilege to play a role in steering CBS News across that shifting terrain. My colleagues at CBS have enriched my life beyond measure, through challenging times and triumphs alike.”

And here’s the wish-well from Les Moonves:

“I wish him only the best and look forward with anticipation to what I’m sure will be an important next phase in an already-distinguished career.” But not at CBS…