New CBS News Prez: First Impressions At Thursday’s Editorial Meeting…

By Brian 

Two versions of the same story:

  Newsweek: “As usual, top producers of CBS News gathered in New York to plan the evening newscast last Thursday. Harriet Miers had ditched her Supreme Court nomination. Word, too, was circulating about the looming indictment of I. Lewis (Scooter) Libby. The lead stories were blatantly obvious — until a slightly built man chimed in.

New York Times: “Then they said, ‘Sean, what are your thoughts?’ I just said, ‘You have to move the White Sox to the top of the show, which is more important than all the Harriet Miers stuff.’ There was complete panic in everyone’s eyes, like ‘Is this guy serious?’

Newsweek: “There was stunned silence. ‘For three or four seconds, they actually thought I was serious.'”

New York Times: “Bob Schieffer, the interim anchor of the Evening News, who attended the meeting, said he played along with Mr. McManus’s ruse. ‘That’s what we’re doing Sunday on Face the Nation,’ he said.”