Neuharth Says Couric Is Handicapped By “Lack Of Serious Reporting Experience”

By Brian 

“CBS’ Katie Couric dropped to a disappointing 6,915,000 last week. That’s down from the 7.57 million she inherited from Bob Schieffer in September,” Al Neuharth writes in USA Today.

Six months in, “her lack of serious reporting experience severely handicaps her on hard news,” he believes. “…CBS owes it to Couric and to viewers to put her in a soft feature role where she again can star.”

> CBS News vice president Paul Friedman responds: “Mr. Neuharth’s criticism of Katie Couric ignores an award-winning 28-year journalism career that includes acclaimed coverage of major events, including 9/11, the Gulf War and the Oklahoma City bombing, as well as news-making interviews with presidents and world leaders. His view is uninformed and insulting.”