Networks Produce Special Reports on Attempted Military Coup in Turkey

By Mark Joyella 

The broadcast networks produced special reports Friday afternoon on the attempted military coup in Turkey–it’s the second day in a row that a busy news day has been entirely reshaped by breaking news just before the network evening newscasts.

ABC News reports “shots have been heard in Ankara, and both bridges in Istanbul closed.” In a video shared by the network, military jets are seen flying low over the capital.

NBC News went to a special report anchored by Lester Holt in Nice, France at 4:45 p.m ET. Correspondents Matt Bradley and Ron Allen reported from London and the White House.

CBS News reports President Erdogan has not been heard from in “six days,” according to Istanbul-based reporter Erin Cunningham, who witnessed tanks and soldiers in the city, and “confusion.”

Thursday’s main political story, Donald Trump‘s selection of a vice presidential running mate, was bumped by news of the horrific truck attack in France. Today, both the French attack and Trump’s announcement he has indeed chosen Mike Pence as his running mate seem likely to be bumped down by the unfolding security situation in Turkey.

UPDATE: Appearing on CNN Turk via FaceTime, President Erdogan has insisted he is still in control of the country, while the military announced victory on state TV channel TRT.