Networks Move Crews to Cover EgyptAir 804

By Mark Joyella 

Word of the disappearance of an EgyptAir flight traveling from Paris to Cairo broke late Wednesday, sending cable and broadcast news into a late-night and overnight effort to put crews in place to cover the story–and be ready for morning newscasts.

While the search is underway in the Mediterranean, crews are being moved to Paris and Cairo.

CNN has Cairo-based Ian Lee on the story, with reinforcements coming in the form of Arwa Damon and Becky Anderson. In Paris, Jim Bitterman will be backed up by Atika Shubert and Max Foster.

ABC News has correspondent Matt Gutman moving to Paris to assist Alexander Marquardt, with Middle East reporter/producer Molly Hunter working the story from Cairo.

All of Fox News’ key prime time programs will be live Thursday night to cover late-breaking details on the story, with senior foreign affairs correspondent Greg Palkot reporting from Paris, foreign affairs correspondent Benjamin Hall and correspondent Kitty Logan in London. Correspondent and former U.S. Navy fighter pilot and aviation expert Lea Gabrielle has been offering aviation analysis throughout the day.

NBC News Bill Neely in Cairo, Keir Simmons in Paris, Richard Engel in Istanbul, Claudio Lavanga in Crete, Kelly Cobiella in London, Tom Costello in Chicago, and Ayman Mohyeldin in New York. All are contributing live coverage on both NBC and MSNBC. Chris Jansing and Craig Melvin are traveling to Paris.

In addition, NBC News aviation contributors Greg Feith and John Cox and NBC News contributor Christopher Dickey are providing analysis.