Neighbor Had Taken Out Restraining Order Against Fired Alaska Reporter

By Chris Ariens 

CharloGreeneCharlo Greene’s foul-mouthed exit from KTVA in Anchorage Sunday night has now been viewed 6.8 million times  — 23 times the population of the Alaska city. That kind of attention has led to some digging into Greene — real name Charlene Ebge. TMZ reports that a neighbor had taken a restraining order out on her earlier this month.

Tyler Gilbrech tells TMZ Charlo and her boyfriend moved into the apartment above his in June, and claims she immediately started stinking up the place with so much reefer his 4-yr-old daughter became violently sick from the fumes seeping through the walls. According to court docs Charlo harassed and threatened Tyler several times — telling him to “watch his back.”

Greene is the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club. And like any 2014 entrepreneur, she’s gone to the masses for support. In a fundraising video on IndieGogo Greene says, “I’m making it my life work to uphold what America stands for truly: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” And legal weed.