Need a Quote? Turn to Deion Branch.

By Noah Davis 

Athletes are not known for their wonderful public speaking abilities. They aren’t unintelligent – most of them, anyway – it’s just that they’ve been taught to think roboticly about things like effort, workrate, and desire, so the inevitable soundbites are cliches focusing on those themes.

But every now and again, an athlete surprises reporters with smart, thoughtful commentary. Landon Donovan jumps to mind. So does Charles Barkley.


Apparently, we can add Deion Branch to the list.On Wednesday, the New England Patriots wide receiver wowed New York Jets beat reporters. From the Sun Chronicle:

Since his return to the Patriots several weeks ago, Branch has been a breath of fresh air – and not just on the field. Gregarious and approachable, Branch has provided quote-thirsty reporters with an oasis where once there was nothing but desert. Unless Randy Moss was preparing one of his unexpected soliloquies, there was little information coming out of the Patriots’ receiving corps.

Branch even called Tom Brady a “nerd.” Maybe it’s because he wears Uggs.