NBC’s Today Receives Peabody’s Institution Award

By A.J. Katz 

Nice news for NBC News’ Today show on Tuesday: The legendary morning franchise is being honored by the Peabody Awards with the prestigious Institutional Award this year.

Today becomes the first morning show ever to receive this Peabody award.

Peabody Awards’ executive director Jeffrey Jones appeared on the show in-studio to discuss the honor.


“I am happy to announce that the Today Show, in celebration of your 70 years on the air, won a Peabody Award this year. First morning show to have won a Peabody Award, and it’s an institutional award, meaning we like to recognize the lasting impact that your programming has had and its effect on the popular imagination,” Jones said.

Co-host Savannah Guthrie said of the honor, “When you say it’s an institution, it is in every sense. It takes hundreds of people to get this show on the air for four hours… The thing that I think we all take pride in to receive such an amazing honor is that we all care so much about the institution and know we just get to have a little piece of it.”