NBC’s New Today Show Studio Will Be ‘Less Orange’

By Brian Flood 

You may have noticed the Today show anchors have been hosting the show from the upstairs space of studio 1A recently. So we reached out to Today SVP Noah Oppenheim with a few questions about what was going on downstairs, in the main studio in Rockefeller Plaza.

TVNewser: Savannah Guthrie recently said the Today set is getting a “face lift,” can you elaborate on what that entails?

Oppenheim: “Face lift” is a good metaphor.  This isn’t a massive redesign — just a few nips and tucks.  We wanted to brighten the overall look and create a more modern feel.


TVNewser: We’ve heard rumors about a new desk and a new sofa. Can you confirm?

Oppenheim: I can. There will be a new desk AND a new sofa. Tune in Tuesday morning (Sept. 8) for the big reveal of both!

TVNewser: Will there be less orange?

Oppenheim: Funny you should ask.  Yes, one thing I can promise is less orange.

TVNewser: Why make changes only two years after a massive overhaul?

Oppenheim: It can be difficult to evaluate a set when it’s just a design on paper.  Once you’ve lived in a set for a period of time, putting on a show every day, you get a feel for what’s working and what isn’t.  This is just the next phase of what I’m sure will be the ongoing evolution of the space.

TVNewser: Was this an Andy Lack idea?

Oppenheim: He was very supportive. All of us felt it would be great to kick-off the fall with a fresh look.