NBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin Accuses ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle of Going on ‘Killing Sprees’

By Mark Joyella Comment

In a discussion of the hit film “American Sniper” on Thursday morning’s “Morning Joe,” NBC News foreign correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin described the film’s subject, Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, as “racist,” and suggested Kyle went on “killing sprees” in Iraq.

The comment was immediately questioned by co-host Joe Scarborough. “Killing sprees? Chris Kyle was going on killing sprees?” Mohyeldin responded by arguing that Kyle exhibited “racist” tendencies:

“When he was involved in his — on assignments in terms of what he was doing, a lot of the description that has come out from his book and some of the terminology that he has used, people have described as racist in his personal attitudes about what he was doing overseas when he was on assignment.”

The comments were quickly condemned by Dana Loesch: