NBCers on MSNBC: “I Think Their Stated Goal Is To See Us A Lot More Often”

By Brian 

Here’s an excerpt from TV Guide’s Q&A with Brian Williams:

  TVGuide.com: The continuous Decision 2006 coverage that’s been on MSNBC in recent days has put the familiar faces of NBC News on screen more. Is this a way to rebrand the news channel?

Williams: I don’t know if it sticks beyond election time. It’s proven very popular on the staff. Campbell Brown was excited for her hour Wednesday, and I was on Monday. It’s a lot of fun. They hand you the keys to the car and ask you what guests would you like to have on. I said I’d like to debrief [political analyst] Charlie Cook at the top of the hour and they said, “You’ve got it.” It’s great. We get to throw all the superfluous subject matter out of the room. If you’re into politics, this is the locker room.

TVGuide.com: Why haven’t they gone to you guys more often to work on MSNBC?

Williams: I could argue that they are now. I think their stated goal is to see us a lot more often.


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