NBC/Aruba: “Just For The Sake Of A Few Frames Of Film”

By Brian 

An e-mailer thinks NBC’s flap in Aruba is ridiculous:

“All this was over no more than a minute or two of video, according to correspondent Michelle Kosinski on Rita’s show, and no more of an ‘interview’ with Van Der Sloot than ‘How are you?’ ‘I’m fine.’

So the whole hoo-hah is just for the sake of a few frames of film of the guy sitting in his cell and reading a book. Some ‘exclusive.’ NBC has released some sort of statement about it, hinting that they may decide to air the clip anyway because they’re not bound by Aruban law. Which would be pretty stupid since it might even get NBC thrown out of the country and would certainly dry up their official sources at the very least. And all for a not terribly interesting, IMHO, bit of video.”