NBC News’s Snapchat Show Is Seeing Impressive Viewing Figures in First Month

By A.J. Katz 

NBC News is seeing solid viewership results from its new, twice-daily Snapchat show Stay Tuned.

The show launched on this date one month ago, and as of yesterday, Stay Tuned has earned more than 29 million unique viewers. It drew more than 1 million subs within two and a half weeks of launch, making it one of Snapchat’s fastest-growing programs. It’s hard to compare those uniques to television, though; Snapchat uses its own measurement that counts a video being opened as a view.

Nevertheless, more than 60 percent of the Stay Tuned audience is under the age of 25. That’s significant, and rare for a news program.

Additionally, more than 40 percent are watching Stay Tuned at least three times weekly.

Stay Tuned is the first-ever daily news program on Snapchat. It features two episodes a day during the week and one each day on weekends – plus breaking news updates – delivering a consistent audience with more than 40 percent of viewers tuning in at least three days a week. Each episode is roughly two to three minutes in length, with four to five segments per show, covering national and international news, politics, pop culture and more.

“We’re incredibly encouraged by the audience response, measured by both total unique viewers and by their deep level of engagement,” NBC News digital chief Nick Ascheim told TVNewser on Friday. “We’ll continue to listen to the signals they’re sending and keep improving the show every day, beginning with the new graphics that we’re releasing today.”

Yesterday, Stay Tuned, which boasts a 30-person staff, debuted a brand new graphics package and logo and the show’s format now also features on-camera guests as well as on-the-ground reporting from co-hosts Savannah Sellers and Gadi Schwartz. This coming Monday, Schwartz will report from Casper, Wyo., a city in the path of eclipse totality.